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Personal Care Consulting Services and Programs


With our Start-2-Finish Consulting Program for residential care homes, group homes and adult day center programs, our staff completes the licensing forms, attachments, policy and procedure manual, menus, floor plan, research for city, county, state, pre-licensing mock inspection, and other assistance you need to get licensed in your state.  

You will also be coached and consulted to complete assigned task that only you can do to get through the licensing process correctly. You will do the local running around in your state and we complete almost all of the other work. This program provides hands-on work, consulting, and coaching for 12 full months from the date you sign your agreement.  

Steps that will be completed during licensing process include:

Pre-license Survey - Survey via phone or video call to prepare for and ensure compliance in your state. 

Research - Will interpret rules, regulations, and application steps and requirements for your specific county, city and state.

Facility Set Up - Will consult, coach, and assist in setting up facility using our 45 point inspection checklist and incorporating your state’s specific rules for facility setup. 

Application - Will complete state licensing application forms, attachments, policy manual, and many materials needed to be in state compliance. 

Marketing – Our 1.25 hour audio MP3 marketing training that comes with supporting marketing materials including a brochure, a 41 point marketing plan to get client’s organically, SEO tips, follow up emails, and a training certificate and curriculum.

Consulting - Unlimited consulting via email and phone support from date of signed agreement for 12-months.

Other Benefits:

  • Complete EIN
  • Complete LLC Incorporation
  • Complete business license
  • Complete state licensing application forms and attachments
  • Complete floor plan (from your hand drawing and measurements) See Sample of Floor Plan
  • Submit application package much quicker
  • Includes FREE 8-HOUR BOOT CAMP  

Consulting Program Materials Include:
1 customized policy and procedure manual 
4 weeks of menus 
1 agency referral list to place residents
15 operations forms 
1 sample resident binder 
1 sample procedure binder 
1 table of content for staff file

Benefits to YOU:
- Peace of mind to know that everything is correct
- Eliminate delays in getting licensed because you did not do everything right
- Eliminate stress, fear, and anxiety knowing the licensing process and approval will be smoother

Investment: $8,995  

(Use PayPal "Credit" and pay 6-months same as cash) OR our office takes credit card payments over the phone by calling 770-966-1639.

Our consulting programs do not include the Medicaid Provider enrollment application process, which is an additional $4,000 if you invest in our consulting program.  If you purchase the Medicaid Provider enrollment process separately, the investment is the same cost to get licensed.  The hands-on work, steps, requirements, content, research, and paperwork are usually complex and very involved.


  • Care home consulting packages can be created based on your specific need, or the complexity of the licensing process, which will determine the cost.
  • Every consulting program comes with a detailed written signed and dated agreement. 
  • This agreement spells out in black and white what you are investing in, the program, products and services we will deliver with a start and end date.


  • State licensing application, business, and incorporation fees and cost, unless specified in agreement
  • County and city specific fees
  • Business plan (if applicable), and employee, resident, and orientation, handbooks
  • Air travel, room, food, and ground transportation -- client pays if traveling out of state to facility or outside of normal travel area
  • Price does not cover state requirements over and above what is required in a normal licensing process.
  • Price does not cover commercial properties.   The prices above are specifically for residential care homes.
  • Price does not include process and steps to get a Medicaid Provider number in your state.
  • Assistance, service, and programs for youth and children licensed care home facilities.

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